DINAS Powys has had its Fairtrade Village status renewed for another two years.

The local Fairtrade group celebrated the achievement at last Friday’s Dickensian Evening, offering Fairtrade prizes to those who found them on their village treasure map and publicising their survey findings for the most Fairtrade friendly local supermarkets.

The group will now work with more community groups and businesses through its campaigns, including the UK-wide Fairtrade Fortnight in February.

They are branching out to major neighbouring supermarkets, talking about their products and the demand from Dinas Powys villagers and rating them informally according to their Fairtrade friendliness.

Fairtrade helps small-scale farmers earn stable incomes based on long-term contracts and supporting a sustainable local community.

Dinas Powys was first awarded the Fairtrade status in 2010 based on the products on sale in local shops and catering outlets and strong support from local people, businesses, the council, faith groups and schools.

Cllr John Fanshaw of the Dinas Powys Community Council said: "We are delighted to support our village group and are committed to using Fairtrade as a council and encouraging users of our halls to use Fairtrade products wherever they can."

To get involved in the Fairtrade campaign in Dinas Powys, take a look at their Facebook page, follow on Twitter @DPfairtrade, or email dinaspowysfairtrade@gmail.com.