THE increasing popularity of girls' football in the Penarth area has been boosted by the introduction of a Primary Schools' League.

Developed by Vale Ladies & Girls FC, the league aimed to introduce girls to the sport and, based on the sports hall at Ysgol Pen y Garth, involved teams from Victoria, St Joseph’s RC, Albert and St Andrew's Major schools in regular friendly fixtures.

The development was an add on to the already established Barry Primary Girls' League where 15 teams from 13 schools currently play matches every three to four weeks.

Club chairman and coach Luke Williams said: “Aiming to impact on all areas of the Vale, the Penarth League is an extra opportunity we have developed for girls to be introduced to football. The success of our school-based opportunities has already seen a large number of new players, from all ranges of abilities, join our club.

"In addition, we are now seeing local schools offering their own girls' football clubs during lunchtimes and after-school sessions which is a crucial part to growing the game.”

Girls' football has become very popular in recent years and Vale Ladies & Girls FC already has over 100 players, from the age of seven to adults, actively representing the club on a weekly basis.

The club is always recruiting new players and anyone wishing to get involved can contact 07832 273688. Alternatively, email or visit