IN mid 1974 a group of young friends decided to form a skittles team in their local pub, the Cefn Mably.

They entered the Penarth and District Skittles League at division two and so was born the (Cefn) Cavaliers. They won division two in their first season and then spent three years in division one before being promoted to the premier division in 1978 as runners-up. They have been in the premier division ever since.

The Cavaliers played at the Cefn Mably for many years until circumstances led them to changing their home alley to the Old Penarthians RFC at St Marks Road about 15 years ago.

In their 40 years they have won the premier league title 15 times - nine of those consecutively. They have also won many other cup competitions. The highlight being the winning of the Cardiff Champion of Champions Cup.

This against all the winners of five different Cardiff leagues. How fitting that the Cavaliers have won the premier league title again (with five games to spare) in this their 40th year.

The team has been led by five captains over the 40 years - Brian Underhill, Malcolm Griffiths, Peter James, Kevin Wiggins and the current captain Tony Spear.

The Cavaliers have always had a fabulous relationship with all the other teams in the league and they thank them for their friendship and competitive spirit over the years. Obviously there have been personnel changes over the 40 years but five original teams still remain.