A MIXED bag of results for Windsor Bowling Club for both the ladies and the gentleman.

The men maintained their challenge for the Munro Cup with a victory at Penarth Belle Vue but any further progress in the Carruthers Shield was halted with a decisive loss at Caerau Welfare in Maesteg.

As all sportsmen and women appreciated there are times when results become totally unimportant to the realities of life. Such has been the case at Windsor with the tragic death of our much loved colleague and friend John Skone.

The commitment, dedicated and loyalty John has given to so many sporting institutions is legendary and Windsor has been a great beneficiary of his many talents not least his unique personality.

The church at All Saints was bursting at the seams as hundreds and hundreds came from all over the principality to pay their respects to my hero.

Likewise the Windsor clubhouse was full not only with John’s family and friends but also laughter as so many memories of life spent in John’s joyous and, as son Richard so brilliantly articulated, John’s ever so diplomatic and politically correct company.

To wife Pam, children Jenny and Richard we thank you for allowing us the privilege to share so much time with him and assure you of the fact he will never ever be forgotten. As Thorney so often said “goodnight God bless Jack”, when sharing a room on tour - his reply is unprintable.