THE boiling hot sun shone on Penarth and Dinas Runners as they took part in the Caerphilly 10k race on the weekend.

During one of the hottest days of the year more than 1,700 runners gathered near Caerphilly Castle to start the race on Sunday, June 22.

The race started through the streets of Caerphilly, with a short and sharp hill in the first few hundred metres, before the gradient levelled out again.

The streets were lined with cheering supporters as local residents came out in force in only the second year of the race being held.

Throughout the race there were a few gradual inclines and descents, as well as a brief out and back around 6k, making it unlikely for personal best times to be achieved.

There were also two minor hills around 8k and 9k as runners approached the home straight.

After the race finishers were treated to goody bags that included a medal, banana, bottle of water, draw string bag, energy gel, breakfast bar, drinks bottle and various race leaflets.

Andrew Palmer was the first Penarth runner to cross the finish line in 192nd place in 42.40.

Chris Nellins was next up in 205th in 42.58.

Marc Durkin achieved a PB by more than a minute in 217th in 43.10.

Chris Economides finished in 232nd in 43.40.

Paul Mitchell finished in 236th in 43.46.

Knill Baird-Murray, completing in his third race in the space of a week including Man V Horse the week before and a triathlon the day before, finished in 255th 44.11.

Chris Seal finished in 285th in 44.46.

Debbie Evans, who was the first woman runner from Penarth to cross the finish line, was 301st in 45.05.

Malcolm Bradley finished in 302nd in 45.08.

Lisa Cleary finished in 310th in 45.18.

Ian Warburton was 331st in 45.39.

Louise Hunt was 362nd in 46.11.

Andrea Hurman was 415th in 47.13.

Paul Furlong was 521st in 49.00.

Claire Phillips was 535th in 49.17.

Lindsey Hunt was 592nd in 50.16.

Amanda Lynch was 609th in 50.27.

Beverley Warburton, in her first race for the club, finished in 684th in 51.35.

Michelle Hoey was 714th in 52.09.

Danielle Rayner was 729th in 52.25.

Lyn Evans was 749th in 52.49.

Steve Hill was 786th in 53.20.

Yvonne Williams was 824th in 54.07.

Janice Clement was 845th in 54.33.

Abyd Quinn Aziz was 864th in 54.59.

Andrea Pace was 981st in 56.37.

Paul Whitmarsh was 1062nd in 57.37.

Judy Maragna was 1309th in 1.02.25.

Justine Cass was 1364th in 1.03.47.

Rachael Davey ran her first race for the club and finished in 1679th in 1.15.13.