REGISTRATION forms for next season’s Penarth Pool League are now available and must be returned by July 20. New teams welcome.

Games to be played this Sunday, June 29, at 7.30pm are: Lyndon (Scorpions) v Labour (Q-Tips); Coro (Potters) v Coro (B); Ex’s (Wanderers) v Lyndon (Lads); Cons (Pot & Tuck) v Sae La Vie (Deja Vu). Sae La Vie have a bye.

Current league placings:

P Pts

Lyndon (Lads) 21 150

Coro (Potters) 19 145

Lyndon (Scorpions) 21 133

Sae La Vie 22 133

Labour (Q-Tips) 19 126

Sae La Vie (Deja Vu) 21 120

Cons (Pot & Tuck) 20 95

Coro (B) 20 69

Ex’s (Wanderers) 21 38

By Cue Ball