THE Penarth Darts League host their end-of-season finals at the Ex’s Club (upstairs) this Friday, July 4, with the draw at 8-8.15pm and play to start straight away.

Players are urged to be as early as possible.

Players through to the finals are: 501 pairs - G Evans/A Adams, S Turnbull/J Nowland, R Grant/N Jones and P Wingren/J Frost; 1,001 singles - D Evans, D Jeynes, P Ringer and L Lewis; 1,001 pairs - D Evans/L Lewis, P Wingren/J Frost, A Adams/G Evans and J Nowland/D Hodges; 501 singles - A Adams, P Wingren, M Wainwright and S Turnbull.

This week’s league results were:

Keys 7, RAFA A 5

RAFA B 8, Legion 4

Lion 6, Ex’s 6

Coro 20, Station 2

Points so far this season, with some cancelled games still to play:

P Pts

Ex’s 27 219

Lion 27 191

RAFA B 25 181

Coro 27 161

Keys 28 141

Station 27 137

RAFA A 27 124

Legion 28 119.

*Teams with outstanding games are asked to play as soon as possible to bring the league to a close.