SUNSHINE, hills and championship points were the order of the day for Penarth and Dinas Runners in the Pontypridd Reverse 10 on the weekend.

Most of the Penarth runners weren’t at peak fitness, with social commitments and injuries getting in the way, but they still battled through regardless and enjoyed some impressive times on Sunday, August 31.

The weather was also an improvement on previous championship races, with pleasant sunshine, a gentle breeze and parts of the route sheltered by trees too.

The race, named the ‘Reverse’ as the mile markers counted down backwards, was undulating with a fairly tough hill at around five miles.

But after tackling the likes of Cliff Hill and Custom House hill in training Penarth runners sailed through it regardless.

Star performers included Louise Hunt and Lisa Cleary, who both won their age categories and finished in the top 10 ladies.

Gary Brown was also 7th overall and 5th senior man, while Ben Butler-Madden made his debut for club in 21st place.

Gary Brown was the first Penarth runner to cross the finish line, achieving maximum points in the club championship in the process, in 7th place in 1.00.30.

Debutant Ben Butler-Madden was next up in 21st in 1.07.05.

Richard Jackson-Hookins was 29th in 1.09.16.

Robert Wilson was on his shoulder throughout and finished in 33rd in 1.09.45.

Knill Baird-Murray was next in 38th in 1.10.28.

Chris Seal was 54th in 1.15.33.

Age category winner Louise Hunt, who took home a bottle of wine, was next up in 56th in 1.15.53.

Fellow age category winner Lisa Cleary finished in 62nd in 1.16.53.

Andrew Palmer overcame injury to finish in 81st in 1.20.30.

Malcolm Bradley sneaked into the top 100 in 97th in 1.22.54.

Beverly Warburton was 108th in 1.25.34.

Heather Dennis was 111th in 1.26.17.

Lyn Evans was 118th in 1.27.29.

Steve Hill was 123rd in 1.28.17.

Lindsey Hunt was 124th in 1.28.48.

Yvonne Williams was 141st in 1.31.37.

Michelle Hoey was 147th in 1.33.24.

Danielle Rayner was 152nd in 1.35.16.

Josh Davies was 153rd in 1.35.17.

Sarah Pope was 154th in 1.35.18.

Judy Maragna was 173rd in 1.44.28.

Justine Cass was 174th in 1.44.52.

Penarth and Dinas Runners meet every Monday evening at Penarth Leisure Centre at 7pm.