IN THIS week's Penarth Darts League, the Ex’s A side secure their place at the top-of-the-table winning 11 - 3 at home to the Coronation Club A side and the Coronation B side become contenders for runners-up spot taking a 12 - 2 win over the Three Horse Shoes to put themselves only two points behind the Golden Lion who are currently in second place.

At the Ex’s, winners for the Ex’s A were John x16, Steve 100 x16, Jack x15 125 100 x3, Paul 100 119 x7, 140 and a 117 out shot on x20, John 100 x20, 140 100 x6, Paul x16 in the team leg. Coro A winners were Ian x5, x10 and Dog 100 x16.

At the Coronation Club the Coro B team wins came from Kate x7, Neil x20, Shaun 140 100 x10, Russ 100 x13, 100 x10, Paul 100 x1, x18, Neil x20, 100 100 x20, Neil in the team leg x20. Shoes wins came from Tony 100 x1, 100 x10.

Points so far this season

Team Played Points

Ex’s 15 157

Lion A 15 129

Coro B 15 127

Coro A 16 81

Shoes 15 78

Ex’s B 9 44

Games for this Friday:

Shoes v Ex’s A

Coro A v Lion A

No game - Coro B