ST CYRES Year 9 girls’ basketball team recently played Cwmbran Rhymni.

The team started brightly taking an early lead but Cwm Rhymni's superior passing and shooting skills began to tell.

Cwm Rhymni ended the match victorious but the St Cyres girls made a valiant effort.

Molly Owen-Ffoulkes was the top scorer for St Cyres. Megan Kupa and Bethan Salter were outstanding in their defensive play. Well Done to all those girls who played.

The squad were Molly Owen-Ffoulkes, Megan Kupa, Bethan Salter, Morgan Dursley, Ellie Holloway, Fatima Soomro, Seren Rogers, Chloe Cotter, Lauren Mazloom, Sophie Burman, Sagaal Abdilahi, Najmah Musa, Laila Sama and Rebekah West.

The Year 7 and 8 girls’ football team was playing on the same night. They beat Llantwit 10-0 with some outstanding goals from Rebecca Gentles, Bethan Taylor and Kayleigh Parsons. Amelia Davidson controlled the midfield and Hannah Lewis had an excellent game in defence.

Bryn Hafren proved to be a tougher test. They had some strong players, but St Cyres started really well. Catrin Lewis used her speed well, while Sophie Thomas and Niamh Pemberton also made some good passes. The game looked to be over but Bryn Hafren managed to get back to 3-2. Lauren Richards managed to prevent any more goals to keep the score at 3-2. Well done to all the team, they endured some very wet conditions.

The squad were: Amelia Davidson, Rebecca Gentles, Catrin Lewis, Kayleigh Parsons, Hannah Lewis, Bethan Taylor, Sophie Thomas, Niamh Pemberton and Lauren Richards.