IN last week's Penarth Darts League, home side Station agreed to play for double points and, with hindsight, it turned out to be a poor decision as visitors Golden Lion stormed to a 22-0 win.

There was another double points game at the Ex’s, with the home side registering a 14-8 victory after Legion took the last game for six points.

The RAFA Club 'derby' between the A and B sides was a close affair in which Anthony was the outstanding player for the latter with 10-plus tons, a bull out and a 17 dart singles. The final result was a 7-5 win for the B side.

There was another close game at the Coro Club, where the home side earned a 7-5 win over the Cross Keys.

The 1001 Grandmasters singles draw is: Coronation - P Cox , G Evans, N Jones, D Jeynes, M Evans, J Frost and M Meadon; Ex's - D Evans, J Nowland, V Bonutto, P Slocombe, M Williams, D Hodges and P Wingren; RAFA - P Ringer, B Stavrakis, S Denman, P Paterson, N Rosser and C Cook; Station - A Adams, S Oliver, K Wingren, L Coombs, M Reeves, M Quick and L Lewis.

Points so far this season: Ex’s (99), Lion (91), Keys (63), RAFA B (61), Coro (58), RAFA A (53), Legion (47) and Station (44).