THIS week's Penarth Darts League featured matches at four venues in the 1001 Grandmasters singles competition.

At the Ex’s Club, David Evans (100 140 x9) beat John Nowland (125 100 100), while Mark Williams enjoyed a good game, hitting 140 100 101 101 120 x10 to beat Dave Hodges (four tons). Paul Wingren had a bye. In the semi-finals, Vic Bonutto hit two tons but lost out to David (three tons x 20), while Mark hit 122 137 100 but was beaten by Paul (three tons 140 x16). In the final, Paul produced scores of 140 100 140 but lost out to David 100 100 x20.

At the Coronation Club, it was one of the home side's players that won through to the finals. P Cox (100 100) lost out to Gary Evans (140 100 121 x10), Nathan Jones (100) lost to Dai Jeynes (100 100 x20), Jack Frost (100 100 x16) won and Martin Meadon had a bye. In the semis, Gary hit a 140 but it was Dai who went through with three tons x8, while Martin lost out to Jack, with the latter hitting 140 140 100 100 x1. In the final, Jack hit 100 103 but it was 'Dai the Dog' showing some old form and scoring 140 140 100 x20 who moved through to the end-of-season finals.

At the RAFA Club, Bill Stavrakis hit 114, but was beaten by Steve Denman (100 100 x1), and Nathan Rosser scored 134 100 100 but was beaten by Paul Paterson 140 x6. In the semis, Paul Ringer hit 100 140 100 to beat Steve and Charlie Cook hit x10 to beat Paul P (100). In the final, Charlie lost to Paul R (140 125 x4).

At the Station, Anthony Adams scored three tons 140 and a 100 out shot on x20 to beat Stuart Oliver (three tons 125). In the semis, Anthony hit 100 x20 to beat Les Coombs (100), while Mike Quick (121 125) lost out to Lee Lewis (2x 140 100 x4). In the final, team mates Anthony and Lee slugged it out, with the former hitting 125 100 100. But it was to be Lee’s night, and he secured victory with five tons x10.

Through to the 1001 Grandmasters singles finals are: David Evans and Lee Lewis (RAFA B), Dai Jeynes (Coronation) and Paul Ringer (Lion).

This Friday's league games are: Coro v Legion; RAFA B v Ex’s; Lion v RAFA A; Keys v Station.