PENARTH Pool League games for Sunday, March 16. Return one winner from each table, best of five and best of seven, start at 7pm:

Sae La Vie Table - 7pm C Hartrey and G R Williams V M Quick and M Quick; 7.30pm P Berzant and J Hatch V T Vale and M Willets.

Ex's Table - 7pm P Davies and D James V S Rodd and W Pugh; 7.30pm G Corlett and A Daunce V R Gant and R Keegan.

Current league standings including games played and points are: Lyndon (14-100), Coro Potters (13-96), Lyndon Scorpions (14-96), Sae La Vie (14-85), Labour Q-Tips (13-80), Sae La Vie Deja Vu (14-79), Con's Pot & Tuck (13-59), Coro B (13-49), Exs Wanderers (14-23).

Notice - return one winner each table if there is enough time or the return winner match will be played on the free Sunday on the table they were are drawn on.

By Cue Ball