THE Welsh Karate League stepped up to another level on Sunday, April 13, at the opening tournament of the new season, when 37 clubs sent more than 450 entries to the WKA International Open.

A small squad from Portugal attended, and all four of the major organisations that form the English Karate Council; Karate England, KarateSport England, FEKO and the AMA had participants involved, as well as a big group from Ireland also present, with the IKAW sending squads from five clubs; Carlow, Ballon, Bigstone, Ballinabrannagh and Askea.

The home of Sport Wales, the Welsh Institute of Sport, was the venue, a brilliant stage for the biggest and highest quality WKL event yet, and probably the biggest and certainly highest quality Karate tournament in Wales in years.

There is now a very definite buzz around the League and Karate Wales, with all Wales' most successful clubs over the past decade or so now vying for honours with strong squads, which will undoubtedly drive standards up, and it has to be said that although Vale Karate, Ken Bu Kan and The Bushi-Kai will be hard to oust in the League pecking order, there is a plethora of talent emerging from many other clubs in the League! Cardiff Shotokan, Cogan, Talbot, Kansei, Pencoed, Wattstown... the list goes on of Karate Wales clubs who have huge potential in their ranks!

Vale Karate had a huge squad with 81 category entries in Cardiff.

A couple of new categories boosted their attendance, Vale entered four Junior teams and no fewer than six parent and child Kata pairings.

Vale Karate earned 172 points, more than at any event last season and nine gold, seven silver and 18 bronze medals!

Included in that medal haul were two gold medals for Josh Dwyer who took top honours in both Under 14 Advanced Kata and Kumite.

A spectacular day was brought to a conclusion with the special Adult team events, and a great performance by the Karate Wales Men's team who won the event beating the quality KarateSport England team in the process.

The second event is fast approaching.

May 11 in Bridgend.



Jared Butcher U14 Special Needs Kata

Asa Madsen 14+Special Needs Kata

Heidi & Kloe Parent & Child Kata

Emma & Alex (Panthers) Junior Pairs Kata

Emma Squire Under 16 Advanced kata

Vale Samurai Under 12 Team Kumite

Josh Dwyer Under 14 Advanced Kata

Josh Dwyer Under 14 Advanced Boys Kumite

Leah Copeland Ladies Kata


Bradley James U14 Special Needs Kata

Daniel Richards 14+ Special Needs Kata

Giulia & Chiara Paren t& Child Kata

Josh & Harrison (Vipers) Junior Pairs Kata

Chiara Baker Junior Shotokan Kata

Finnian O'Donovan Under 10 Advanced Boys kumite

Danica Apologista Under 12 Advanced Kata


Lucas Widdrington U14 Special Needs Kata

Connor shill U14 Special Needs Kata

Pippa & Chris Parent& Child Kata

Jon & Alex Parent& Child Kata

Danica & Chiara (Dragons) Junior Pairs Kata

Kloe Christoforato Junior Shotokan Kata

Danica Apologista Junior Shotokan Kata

Kian George Under 8 Boys kumite

Jay Forsyth Under 8 Boys Kumite

Alexandra Slack Under 16 Advanced Kata

Vale Karate Under 10 Team Kumite

Vale Karate Under 14 Team Kumite

Ella Lyons Under 10 Advanced Kata

Ella Forsyth Under 12 Girls Kumite

Chiara Baker Under 12 Advanced Kata

Matthew Hill Mens Kata

Amy Davis Ladies Kumite

Rory O'Donovan Mens Veteran Kumite