ON SUNDAY, July 27 the annual WPA v BIG League Challenge Cup was held at Monkstone Petanque Club (Penylan) in fantastic boules weather conditions.

The BIG teams consisted of players from the Caerleon R.F.C. PC, Wheatsheaf PC, Machen PC, N.H.S.O.B. PC, and PILCS .PC. The WPA was represented by players from Penarth, Monkstone, The Golden Mile, Pontyclun and Caerleon R.F.C Petanque Clubs.

After 2 rounds it was even at 8 – 8. In the 3rd round the WPA forged ahead 15 – 9 winning 7 games out of the 8 but with 24 games to come there was still everything to play for. As the weather got hotter so did the WPA, winning 6 games out of 8 in the 4th round. In the 5th round the WPA continued their form and won another 6 games out of 8 although the results of some of the games were very close.

During the 6th and last round, the BIG rallied to take 4 games out of the 8 but the damage had already been done with the final score being W.P.A with 31 wins and the B.I.G with 17 wins. The BIG drew 3 rounds and were unlucky not to win some of the close games.

Trophies were awarded to the top pairs of both opposing sides. With 6 wins out of 6 to Liam Milton and Keith Kinset (Monkstone PC) from the WPA, and 4 wins out of 6 were taken by the BIG team, Hugh Morris and Mathew Morris (PILCS PC)

The WPA Executive thank the Monkstone PC for their hospitality and hosting the event, and look forward to next year’s return competition to be hosted by a the Boule in Gwent members.