BARRY Plastics officially became Penarth's bogey side this season, when the Rectory Road team suffered a further, and third on the trot, defeat in the Munro Cup campaign. Capt Phil has reluctantly declared that this traumatic loss may have put paid to hopes of overhauling the leaders. Unfortunately the severity of the reversal of the Dave Clements, Joe Ellis, Reg Jones and Dave Murphy rink, losing by 20 shots (10 - 30) was too much for the other three rinks to counter. Good wins by Bob Hill (24 - 14) and Bob Lewis (17 - 14) together with a draw for Clive Fry (16 - 16) could not pull back the deficit resulting in the defeat by 67 - 74. Only 5 points were secured from the game. Wailing and gnashing of teeth abounded.

Saturday saw just the one PG2 game against Guest Memorial, this resulting in yet another very credible win for Lawrence and his boys. A margin of 22 shots was almost entirely thanks to the victories achieved by Ron Maggs, Phil Davidge, John 'chequebook' Bowen and Dave Holdsworthy (20 - 8) together with Bob Willmott, Lawrence Brooke, Peter Needham and Paul Church (25 - 7).

They contributed greatly towards the overall win of 73 - 51.

Roger Gidman's rink narrowly lost by one shot when they dropped 3 shots on the last two ends to surrender the lead they had on the 19th. Bob Hill's luck ran out and his rink went down by 13 shots to 20. This was still a very good win in what has been a most satisfactory PG2 campaign this year.