WITH the season drawing to a close, Murch bowlers continued their winning strategies giving them success in home and away matches in all of the league competitions.

Evening League, Murch v Windsor, away, played on August 4.

This was the last fixture between these two clubs and Murch bowlers secured a comfortable win by 36 shots to 25, with each club winning one rink.

Murch players were: Rink One,1 P Goode, 2 S Blainey, 3 E Carryer, Skipper M Chake, score: Murch 26 – six shots. This game secured Murch Ladies’ place at the top of the league tables in their region. They were due to play a semi-final for county position on Friday, August 15.

Rink Three: 1 G Hughes, 2 A Croom, 3 S Mauchline, Skipper C Jenkins, score: Murch lost 11 shots to 19

Ladies Double Rink, Murch v Windsor, August 5

Murch bowlers playing home narrowly won this game over their neighbouring club, with a margin of only five shots, with each club winning a rink; Murch 26 shots to Windsor’s 21. Murch players were

Rink Two: 1 C Russell, 2 L Sandercott, 3 S Wade and Skipper G Hayes with score Murch 16 shots to seven.

Rink Three: 1 C Real, 2 S Jones, 3 P Munter, Skipper P Ayres with Murch losing 10 shots to 14.

Afternoon League, Murch v Rumney Gardens, August 7.

Murch Bowlers entertained the Cardiff club at home and secured a win on all three rinks in their last match of this season in this league, with a substantial margin of 29 shots, the overall score being Murch 57 Rumney Gardens 28 shots.

Murch players were:

Rink Two: 1 P Goode, 2 A Croom, 3 P Ayres, Skipper C Jenkins with score Murch 15-12.

Rink Three: 1 S Wade, 2 S Blainey, 3 A Crouch, Skipper S Mauchline with score Murch 15-11.

Rink Four: 1 G Hayes, 2 M Rice, 3 E Carryer, Skipper M Clake with score Murch 27-5

Double Rink

Murch v Barry Central, August 12.

Murch Ladies, playing at home to this neighbouring club in the last match of the season in this league, fell way below par and conceded a very strong margin of 26 shots to their opposition, the overall score being Murch 21 shots Barry Central 47.

Murch players were:

Rink Two: 1 M Rice, 2 J Jones, 3 J Garland, Skipper G Hayes with score Murch 12 shots

Rink Three: 1 S Wade, 2 L Sandercott, 3 P Munter, Skipper P Ayres and score Murch 9-25 shots

The friendly match against Llantwit Major was cancelled due to inclement weather on August 14.

A friendly match against South Vale Ladies Bowling Club and South Warwickshire Ladies Bowling Club took place on August 6 at Stratford, Warwickshire. Each of the following clubs provided players for one rink, Murch, Barry Plastics, Rectory Road, Barry Central, and two rinks from Cadoxton. The South Vale Ladies Bowlers secured a handsome win of 99 shots to 74. This annual event, played at alternating venues, provides competition played in a very friendly atmosphere to the delight of participants.