Jessica Ennis insists she is in a great position ahead of this summer's Olympic Games, despite the "awful moment" when she realised she had lost a second world title in the space of seven months.

Defending champion Ennis thought she had won the pentahlon at the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul after seeing her name flash up in first place following the 800 metres. But it was then discovered that Nataliya Dobrynska's score had not yet been added and the Olympic heptahlon champion was revealed as the victor with a world record 5,013 points.

But Ennis remained upbeat regarding this summer's games in London, and said: "I feel in a great position. I am in a much better position than I was this time last year, scoring a personal best and knowing I can come away and make improvements."

She added: "I am not at my limit and obviously there is still room to improve. I am happy and I am progressing and I am going to have a week off and get back into another solid block of training and make those changes and prepare for the summer and hopefully I will be stronger then."

On having victory taken away from her and having to settle for silver, Ennis said: "It was an awful, awful moment.

"Obviously you don't know where you are in relation to other people, I just ran as hard as I could and I didn't really know the time or where Nataliya was behind.

"Then I looked at the screen, saw my name in first position and suddenly thought 'Oh, I have won' and it was a great feeling and then it was suddenly snatched away from me in a second and I was devastated."