MUSICIANS – are you looking for somewhere to practice or just improve your skills? We may be able to help. We have a hall you may like to use on the 4th Tuesday of every month, free of charge. What’s the catch?

In collaboration with Debra Jones, a resident of Penarth, and Penarth Sea Cadets, we are hoping to form a marching band to take part in various parades and local events in the town; such as Armistice Day, Armed Forces Day, Penarth Festival to name just a few.

We have teamed up with Debra, whose ambition is to have a marching brass band representing the town of Penarth and with your help and experience you may be able to pass on your skills to the Cadets.

The youngsters of Penarth SCC have some instruments they are very keen to learn how to play and it is hoped the experienced musicians, young and old, of Penarth would be in a position to offer help and pass on their skills to enable these youngsters to become part of the marching band.

Our first call for a meeting for those interested, will be at Penarth Sea Cadet headquarters, Stanwell Crescent on Tuesday, June 25, at 1900 hours.

If you are interested in making this possible, please come along and show your support – all welcome.