Whoopi Goldberg has said sometimes she wants to “stomp around and scream” while in lockdown and vents her frustration by “kicking pillows”.

The Sister Act star said she has come to accept that there will be difficult days.

She told ITV’s Loose Women: “I like it but that’s because I’m anti-social, but I feel like the best thing that I understand about this is there are days when I just want to kick the heck out of my pillows, I just want to kick things.

“I want to stomp around and scream outside and I do. There is no point in pretending I don’t feel like that.

“You have to acknowledge this isn’t easy, this isn’t necessarily fun and it’s scary and thank God I’m not trying to educate a kid at home, because that poor child…”

She added: “I’m very even keeled but what I discovered was there are just days.

“When we are out doing our regular lives we are able to push those feelings down and deal with them but when we are forced to deal with ourselves and look ourselves in the face…

“You can’t colour our hair or get a weave, you can’t go out and socialise with people that you really don’t want to go out and socialise with but you have to, I feel these are the days of our lives where we are facing truths about ourselves and it’s not bad.

“So I’m glad to know I’m frustrated with this, I’m also glad to know it’s not going to lick me, it’s not going to stop me from doing what I have to do.

“Acknowledge it, kick a couple of pillows, do some dancing, a little cha cha cha, a couple of twists, look at yourself in the mirror and go ‘Oooh this is a little more backside that you had when all this started’.”