Louis Theroux provided a shocking insight into the Westboro Baptist Church over a decade ago – and is now returning to the visit the group.

In Louis Theroux: Surviving America’s Most Hated Family, the filmmaker will again probe the hard-line views of the Christian ministry.

Ahead of releasing his long-awaited return to the controversial religious sect, Theroux has shared some of the things which provoke his own intense hatred.

In his own words, here are some of his most despised:

Fashion trend?

Theroux with members of the church (BBC)

There’s so many to hate. I’ve always had a weird aversion to pleated baggy trousers.

I don’t know why that is. It just looks odd. I don’t like those funny little pleats at the top around your hip. It just looks, to me, wrong and unnecessary. I don’t like it.


Beaches. I’m in touch with my feminine side, but that was beyond my limit.


Theroux last visited the church 13 years ago (BBC)

I was at the theatre recently and they had robots making cocktails at the bar, and they were telling me that it would be five minutes until my cocktail was ready.

Long story short, the robots took so long to make my cocktails that I couldn’t have them in the interval, and I couldn’t help resenting the robots for giving me the wrong timings for my drinks.

Robots are taking over.


There are very few foods I don’t like but I’m not a huge fan of celery for some reason. I like things that crunch so I should like it, but it’s those tiny little strings I don’t really like. And then something about the flavour. I can’t really explain it.


It’s hard to hate a colour. I think it might be puce. Because I never know what colour puce is, and that’s very annoying.

Chat up line?

It’s quite hard to hate chat-up lines, because they’re so naff that in themselves they’re quite funny. But… I actually can’t think of a single thing. I’ve never used a chat-up line. I don’t think I’ve ever chatted anyone up!

Star sign?

Scorpio always struck me as a kind of hateful sign. It’s named after a poisonous insect, I mean, that right there sounds a bit evil.

Louis Theroux: Surviving America’s Most Hated Family is on BBC Two at 9pm on Sunday July 14.