Lisa Riley made a villainous return to Emmerdale as she reappeared in the role of Mandy Dingle.

Fans were delighted by her return and swift defence of her family.

The soap actress endured a long absence from the soap beginning in 2001, with a brief appearance in 2018.

Riley returned immediately to dramatic form as she stumbled upon a romantic entanglement.

Her character branded Jessie, married to her cousin Marlon, a “cheating skank” for her spousal betrayal.

She was caught red-handed with her ex Al, and her fling was exposed to an oblivious Marlon by the newly returned and furious Mandy.

Fans were delighted with the righteous return.

One pleased viewer wrote on Twitter: “Go Mandy go Mandy go Mandy she will make sure Jessie pays, never mess with a Dingle and Mandy is definitely one of the feistiest Dingles.”

Another said: “Just like that mandy is already a top tier dingle.”

A further fan agreed: “Mandy Dingle! What a legend!”

Marlon was left devastated by the revelation of a secret romance after he came to apologise for his own behaviour and to make it up to his wife.

But Mandy was quick to correct his naivety on her return with her son Vinny.

A fan wrote on Twitter: “Good to see Mandy Dingle back on @emmerdale & what a great time to walk in lol. Great to have @Reallisariley back.”