A RENOWNED artist will be exhibiting a new body of works in Penarth which have never before seen by the public.

Iwan Bala's Here is a Love (deep as oceans) is on display at Penarth Pier Pavilion from November 4-30.

In these works of the past five years, Iwan Bala’s interest lies not in ornamental cartography, in skilful and pleasing formations of letters but in attempting to express the spontaneity of the moment of writing, the rapid often stumbled, crossed out, corrected, blotted, re-adjusted rush to put thoughts on paper and the attempt of a poet to capture a line before it ebbs in the memory.

His desire, in a sense, is to return to the origin of the words, the point before the poem becomes a perfectly typed copy, or is reproduced in the pages of a machine made book, replicated exactly in hundreds or thousands of exact duplicates.

Because the written poem is only one, it is a unique creation, and desires to return it to that one, unique object.

Responding to the result of the electorate’s vote on the UK’s EU membership, Mr Bala began to make (alongside politicized ‘maps’), satirical caricatures of the principle players in the lead up to and result of Brexit.

Mr Bala said: "An artist has a duty to comment, protest and become an agent provocateur through the medium of visual communication.

"Cartoons have a long and illustrious history, and have always lurked somewhere in the background environs of my artwork."

Mr Bala is an established artist, writer and lecturer.

His multiple award winning practice has recently centred on the culture of the Welsh language in its literature, with poetry, hymns and anthems taking centre stage in his raw, immediate & text-heavy work.

Mr Bala has exhibited widely, with works in private and numerous public collections including the National Museum of Wales, Contemporary Art Society for Wales and the National Library of Wales.

There will be a public preview on November 4 between 6-9pm, a free artist talk on November 14 at 6pm and a free walk and talk event on November 30 at 2pm.