BOUNDARY Art is marking their secondary anniversary with an exhibition entitled Birth, Rebirth.

Each artist appearing in the exhibition was chosen for the way their work relates to the Birth/Rebirth theme.

Cardiff based artist Daniel Edwards' most recent work appropriates and reimagines existing paintings by Renaissance and Baroque artists, blending religious imagery with an aesthetic drawn from pop and street art.

The work Lucia Martin creates is somewhat visionary, which also blends aspects of the physical world with the metaphysical and the moments that we transition through these 'realities'.

Recently graduated from Goldsmith's University, Cardiff born Luke Samuel's work has the idea of something that has a specific context, being re-appropriated and stripped of its source material.

Aidan Myers work exists between the practice of painting, anatomy and materiality.

Other artists that will feature include Andie Clay, Kin Leung and Ping-Gang Cheng.

The exhibition will be on display at the gallery, based in 3 Sovereign Quay, Cardiff, until Sunday, April 30.