SOUTH Wales Argus reporter Rachel Nurse died at the weekend, age just 23. Here, her mum and dad Maggs and Terry Nurse pay tribute:

Anyone who came into contact with Rachel would have been very privileged. Rachel was a beautiful soul, funny and charismatic. 

Reading and travel were always her passion. At an early age approx six months she started her travels around the world and never stopped. Any opportunity to visit a new part of the world, learn a new culture, meet new people and sometimes try to learn the language - some cases not too successfully -  she would grasp the opportunity. 

There was one time a holiday choice with her best friend, Victoria, to travel through parts of Europe for several weeks, they both spent a few weeks teaching at a local school, meeting some amazing children whilst teaching them English. People would connect well with Rachel, her positivity was infectious.  

Her passion in life was reading... she had enough books to open her own library! Rachel always gave back. Whilst attending Whitchurch High School she would give up her time and attend breakfast club and help pupils with reading/English. 

Then going on to university, she was involved with the local uni newspaper and became actively involved - at one stage she was the agony aunt!  She also taught at local schools tutoring students English literature to improve the grades they need to attend university and progress in the chosen subject they needed. She was very successful and always in life gave back to help others.  

Rachel achieved her English literature degree and also completed her masters whilst at Cardiff University and also at this time was dealing with ovarian cancer. Nothing was going to stop her, and she did it - amazing. 

We as parents, have to thank Dr A Quinton and her team at Velindre Hospital and Dr A  Sharma and her team at the University Hospital of Wales for the support they gave Rachel at the time of this difficult illness to make her as comfortable as possible to achieve her dreams.

Time with family and friends was very important in her life, always enjoying times with the Grandmother. Shopping and eating lunch out was their passion, they would go into the local town and be gone for the day.

There are so many things that Rachel achieved in her short life with us that we are so proud of and will have so many memories to talk about.

Every opportunity to learn she would grasp and use it well.  Her work ethic started at a young age, 15 with a Saturday job and it progressed in leaps and bounds to achieve her goals

Whilst dealing with cancer, Rachel wrote for many local magazines, reported on local events, concerts etc but she still held out that one day she would be given the opportunity to be a journalist. She never gave up hope and this dream came true in the form of The South Wales Argus. When she heard she had secured the job she was delighted... Newport today New York tomorrow!

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