LAST term saw the opening of a new Scout group in Penarth - the 12th Penarth based at St Joseph School, thanks to the headteacher, Mr Rein.

The group opened with a new Beaver Scout colony for boys and girls aged six to eight which was quickly followed by a Cub Scout pack for boys and girls aged eight to ten and a half.

Julian Jordan, District Commissioner for Penarth and District Scouts, said: "It was great to be able to offer Scouting to another 40 young people. We are still hitting capacity issues for both these age groups around the district and we have the space for more but need more adults to open these spaces up."

The boys and girls from both age groups recently took their Promise and received there group neckerchiefs.

To find out more about scouting, please get in touch with Julian Jordan, District Commissioner, at or 03303 301 907