LES Pugh's Own Explorer Scout Unit members were given the challenge to learn a new skill, and over the next three months develop that skill to such a standard as to be able to produce a recognisable and useful article.

They were first introduced to a small team of experienced practitioners, who were part of the Hats4Heros team who produced knitted woolly hats for the armed forces serving in Afghanistan. The main instigator, Tina, explained what they had done and how much the troops appreciated their efforts, however, having had some wool left over, they turned their needles to helping out the local dogs home, not hats this time but dog blankets.

The units task was firstly to learn how to knit, in order to make sure there was full concentration and effort, the knitting done by the explorers would be used to make a blanket, so their very first efforts had to be of a high quality.

With the help of Aileen and Anne, Alex and Joel, they were soon clicking the needles as they started to produce some rows, the number of tongues poking out the sides of mouths showed the concentration levels as Dom and Gregor tried to avoid dropping a stitch.

Adam and Jasper, who having earlier deemed it an impossible task, were by the end were proudly displaying their completed squares.

Learning how to cast on, knit some rows, change colour and then cast off in under 2 hours was a super achievement that impressed their talented instructors.

Not wanting to waste this new found talent they were all given the task of making a woollen scarf over the next 3 months, which hopefully will keep them warm during the summer nights round the camp fires.

The unit would like to thank Tina, Eileen and Anne for an unusual but enjoyable teenage activity.