VISITORS to Sully Island are risking their lives by ignoring safety warnings, say rescue charity Penarth RNLI.

The stark warning came after NINE people had to be rescued from Sully Island in two separate incidents over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Penarth RNLI said people are continuing to ignore the warnings about becoming stranded on the island after failing to check tide times.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend the team at Penarth lifeboat station were mobilised twice to rescue visitors cut off from the mainland by the incoming tide.

On Sunday, May 25, five people were stranded on the island and had to be taken by lifeboat to the mainland.

The following day (Monday, May 26) a further four people had become stuck on the island before wading across the causeway to Swanbridge beach.

Stuart Jones of Penarth RNLI said that these people were very lucky that they weren't swept off the causeway by the tide.

“We are repeatedly called out to rescue people cut off on Sully Island, despite constant warnings about the dangers of the incoming tide," he said.

“People are unaware off just how quickly the tide comes in and when they realise they are being cut off, they tend to panic and try to make it over the causeway to the mainland.

"They are risking their lives, as the water could easily catch up with them and sweep them off the causeway and out to sea. The four people who did so over the weekend were very lucky - the water was up to their chests by the time they got to shore.

“We would urge people to check the tide times before they visit the island. The RNLI are looking into making this information available to the public in an easy to understand format."