MEMBERS from Les Pugh’s Own Explorer scout unit recently took part in the first ever Scout area climbing competition, at the local climbing centre Boulders in Cardiff.

Scout teams from the Vale and Cardiff counties competed in a day long climbing event. The competition was both a team and individual event. All individuals took part tackling various climbs, there were three bouldering courses the aim was to see how far around you could go before falling off on to the safety mats. The further you went the higher your score. Then there were three climbs, each one getting progressively harder. Points were awarded depending on high they went. The top five climbers, those who scored the most in the explorer scout section, went head to head in a climb off each tackling the same route for the explorers there was a tie, so a further more difficult climb was done. Felix Peterkin ended up being the winner with a faultless days climbing as fellow explorers, Tom, Zed, Rhys, Alisdair, Ben and Owain all climbed to a high standard and the unit ran out explorer scout winners.