IF YOU thought the Great British Bake Off was challenging you need to try this.

Give clear instructions to 22 teenagers to bring along, a small container, a walking stick, a torch and then meet them at the edge of a wood as night fell.

Once assembled give further instructions go into the woods and forage for hedgerow berries using the containers to carry them in.

For the hard to reach berries use the walking sticks to bring them nearer. Once you have enough for your group return to the woodland edge and prepare the food.

Wash the berries, peel and dice the apples, using the pots and gas cookers adding a little water and sugar warm them through until tender. Whilst this is going on check that the wood fire is burning well and producing hot embers, and using the cooking foil make envelopes ready for the pastry parcels.

Use the light of the torches to check that the fruit is ready.

Carefully cut the rolled pastry into 4 x 6” rectangles and add a small quantity of fruit to the canter, then fold over and seal the edges, ensuring fruit does not squirt out.

Once wrapped place in foil envelope and seal edges then place in the hot embers, cook for 15-20 minute turning occasionally.

Finally remove from fire, allow to stand for five minutes then open foil parcels’ and examine the content, you will now have some blackberry and apple pastries’ to consume.

Well things got off to a fine start, out of a possible 22 of each they had four containers, one walking stick and five torche. But no worries off they went to forage, they came back with, it has to be said a substantial quantity. Only four pots were available instead of five but undeterred they made one out of tin foil.

As it grew darker the glow from the fire was useful as the lack of torches did not help, as some interesting shaped parcels were prepared. Nonetheless everybody managed to prepare, cook and eat a fine blackberry and apple pastry.