A YEAR since opening the 12th Penarth Cub Pack enjoyed a night out on the ice at Cardiff Winter Wonderland.

This time last year the 12th Penarth Cub Pack had just reopened and now a year on the pack has 32 boys and girls thanks to the support from parents and new volunteers.

To keep the unit going and to give the Cubs the ability to move on to Scouts, a Scout Troop was reopened a few weeks ago with eight new Scouts joining.

Scouting in Penarth and District is really growing at the moment with waiting list for members to join in both Beavers, aged six to eight, and Cubs, aged eight-10.

Julian Jordan, District Commissioner says: “ If we can get more adult support we can look to expand which will enable us to reduce the waiting list and give more young people the Scouting adventure.”

If you would like to get involved as a volunteer there a number of ways, and if you know young people who would like to get involved aged six to 25, please get in touch with Julian 0330 330 1907 or email Julian@penarthanddistrict.org.uk