THE MEMBER of Parliament for Cardiff South and Penarth has voted for airstrikes against IS in Syria. 

Stephen Doughty chose to back plans for action in a vote which took place in Parliament on Wednesday, December 2.

The proposal was supported by a convincing majority of MPs with 397 voting for airstrikes and 223 voting against. 

The outcome was announced in the House of Commons at just after 10.30pm on Wednesday (December 2) evening. 

Mr Doughty said these sorts of decisions are some of the most important ones a member of parliament can make.

He said: "I thought long and hard before reaching the conclusion that I did which was to support airstrikes against the barborous organisation that is IS. 

"For me, the clear and unequivocal United Nations resolution and the request from our allies including France as well as the direct threat to British citizens here and abroad after the attacks in Paris, Tunisia, Beirut and other locations led to my decision."

Mr Doughty, however, mentioned he had some very real concerns about certain aspects of the government's plan.

He added: "These decisions are always incredibly difficult and I respect that there will be local people who strongly disagree and those who agree with me."