THE story of Penarth Pier will be told through a unique combination of circus performance, dancing, music and visual art that is also set to actually take place on the landmark itself.

Penarth woman Elle Edwards - a co-founder of the Circus Penarth group - will be part of the Splatch art troupe telling the storied history of the pier through a performance based on local testimonials and research next month.

Miss Edwards, a 28-year-old mum of one who began training for the circus at age 19, explained that Splatch's motivation is to bring together types of performance that you may not normally expect to work together.

It is in this unique manner that the Splatch troupe hopes to bring Penarth pier to life on Saturday, July 30.

Miss Edwards said: "We want to bring creative people together to collaborate on the art forms. We want to combine things that that you wouldn't necessarily see together in a performance."

The idea behind the Y Mor - Bygones of Penarth performance is to "bring the memories" of people to life on the pier, she explained.

On Thursday, June 23 Splatch members - the core of which are Miss Edwards, co-founder and performer Esther Fuge and fellow Penarthian Elaine Bennet - will be talking to people about their memories of the pier, recording their conversations for research and for use in the show.

Miss Edwards said: "The show is inspired by the memories of people who have visited the Pier through different times in history.

"From the pavilion’s transformation into a gymnastics centre, the Marina dance hall and once a bustling music venue, as well as the pier’s encounter of fire, ice and colliding ships.

"We were just really inspired by the pier, it's such an amazing landmark."

Y Mor is being organised in collaboration with Penarth Circus and Penarth Pavilion.