CALLS are being made to end the ban on angling during the summer months on Penarth Pier.

One angler has began a campaign for the vale council to life the ban, which he says is outdated and no longer relevant.

The ban has been in place during June, July and August since the 1960s and was originally put in place due to safety concerns after an alleged incident of someone being injured after becoming entangled in a fishing line.

Angler Tim Hodgson of Westbourne Road has been angling in the town for decades.

He says that he could understand the ban when bus loads of people came to Penarth Pier back in the 1960s, sitting on deckchairs on the pier pavilion and this meant space was limited.

But now, he says, fewer people descend on the pier than they did back then meaning that anglers and tourists could happily co-exist on the pier during the summer.

He added that anglers are a benefit to the seafront, as they often take it upon themselves to keep the beach tidy.

Mr Hodgson also highlighted that angling is permitted round the corner of the barrage, which comes under Cardiff council control and that there have been no reports of angling related mishaps in recent years.

He says he has contacted his AM and MP about the issue but has yet to receive a response.

He said: "Angling appeals to people of all categories. The old, the young, different ethnic minorities and those with mobility problems.

"Many of the anglers also help to clear up the litter which is sometimes strewn across the beach.

"I just want the council to consider their position on this. It seems to me as if the ban may not be relevant anymore.

"Angling has benefits for the community and those from all walks of life. I think it can help with the problem of social isolation of the elderly too.

"Surely there is more benefit in making sure the pier is well used. Perhaps a safety warden could be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. "