A WAR heroine from Penarth has featured in a documentary detailing the contribution of Welsh women during the Spanish Civil War.

The one-off documentary, Cymry Rhyfel Cartref Sbaen, aired on S4C on Sunday, July 24 and featured Penarthian Fifi Roberts.

Presenter and journalist Dylan Iorwerth travelled to Spain, following in the footsteps of Ms Roberts and two other Welsh women who made a huge contribution during the war.

Fifi Roberts was a passenger on her father's ship which was the first to break through the blockade in Bilbao to feed those suffering from starvation.

At the time Spain was split, with General Franco's fascist and conservative allies battling against the democratic republican government.

In Wales, many sympathised with the anti-fascist movement and among them was Ms Roberts.

Mr Iorwerth said: "Fifi was adventurous and feisty; she was brave enough to travel with her father in difficult circumstances.

"She reached Guernica a few days after the bombings.

"It's important to celebrate the bravery of these women and to remember the stand they made.

"They were as important and brave as the men who fought in Spain."

Mr Iorwerth described it as an as an "eye-opening experience" to visit Spain and film the documentary.

He said: "It was fascinating to hear about the miners who fought there and the women who went from Wales.

"Their stories gave me an insight into the Spanish Civil War.

"I'd never realised how brutal it was, but having been to Spain, and spoken to relatives of some of those who suffered, I can see that scars still exist today."

Mr Iorwerth added that he feels it is essential that we hear these women's stories.

"The nurses travelled to Spain because of their belief in democracy and their opposition to fascism, and they made a huge contribution."

The documentary can be viewed on S4C's website for 35 days after airing.