HERE is a list of all the candidates standing for election for town and community councils. 


Cornerswell ward (four seats)

Rhiannon Mary Birch - Labour

Ian Richard Buckley - Labour

Martyn David Dranfield - Liberal Democrats

Lewis Greenaway - Plaid Cymru 

Ken Lloyd - Conservative

Laura Rochefort - Labour

Neil Christopher Thomas - Labour

Dorothy Marianne Turner - Conservative

David Rhys Wilton - Plaid Cymru 

Plymouth ward (four seats)

Paul Church - Putting Penarth First

Ian James Courtney - Labour

Richard David Gregory Cox - Labour

Anthony Ernest - Independent-Putting Penarth First

Ben Gray - Conservative

Graham Humphries - Putting Penarth First

Victoria Humphries - Putting Penarth First

Kathryn Frances McCaffer - Conservative

Angela May Thomas - Labour

Martin James Turner - Conservative 

Wendy Elaine Van Den Brom - Conservative 

Clive Williams - Putting Penarth First 

St Augustines (five seats) 

Gary John Allman - Conservative

Mike Cuddy - Labour 

Liz Fahy - Labour 

Anne Greagsby - Plaid Cymru 

Nigel John Mark Humphrey - Labour

Yvonne Clare Murphy - Labour

Gwyn Harvard Roberts - Labour 

Anthony Slaughter - Green Party

Simon William Stranks - Conservative

Aled Robert Thomas - Plaid Cymru 

Stanwell (three seats)

Michael John Dale - Conservative 

Ben Driscoll - Conservative

Ellie Evans - Labour 

Anthony John Harris - Independent 

James Jenkins - Conservative

Jon Kenneth Luxton - Labour 

Natalie Williams - Conservative

Mark Robert Wilson - Labour 


Cross Common (four seats)

Anne Asbrey - Plaid Cymru

Gwenda Carnie - Plaid Cymru 

Jennifer Cooper - Independent 

Corrie Olivia Driscoll - Conservative 

Margo Elizabeth Farbrace - Independent

Rene Gannon - Independent

Rory Kear-Smith - Plaid Cymru

Thomas Christopher John Maitland-Evans - Independent

Mike Pratt - Conservative

Steve Thomas - Plaid Cymru

Rob Williams - Conservative

Eastbrook (four seats)

John Barker - Conservative 

David Fowler - Plaid Cymru

Mike Hartrey - Plaid Cymru 

Val Hartrey - Plaid Cymru

Keith Hatton - Plaid Cymru 

Jan Holmes-Warley - Conservative

Edward James Jenkins - Conservative

John Maitland-Evans - Independent

Carole Williams - Conservative 

Murch (four seats)

Maggie Chinn - Conservative

Stuart Michael Cook - Conservative

John Fanshaw - Plaid Cymru

William Andrew Frampton - Independent

Chris Franks - Plaid Cymru

Richard Grigg - Plaid Cymru 

Christine Frances Holder - Conservative 

Sara Kear-Smith - Plaid Cymru 

Paul David Marks - Independent

Carole Sian Robertson - Conservative 

Twyn (four seats)

Robert Crowley - Conservative

Vince Driscoll - Conservative

Steve Griffiths - Conservative

Carole Hatton - Plaid Cymru 

Janie Jones - Plaid Cymru

Tayyeb Mirza - Plaid Cymru

Carolyn Mirza-Davies - Plaid Cymru

Andy Robertson - Conservative 

Sully (seven seats) 

Phil Baguley 

Ian Bonner Barlow - Independent

Vivian Brian John 

Ken Jones

Graham Newton

Lino Luigi Giuseppe Scaglioni - Independent

David Sylvester - Independent 

Chris Tatt - Independent 

Rod Thomas - Standing For The People 

Chris Thorne

There are unconstested notices for Llandough Community Council and for the two Lavernock seats on Sully and Lavernock Community Council.