THE results in the election for posts on Penarth Town Council, and Dinas Powys, Sully and Lavernock Community Councils have been declared.

Voting took place on Thursday, May 4 and the ballot results announced on Friday, May 5.

Counting took place at the Civic Offices, in Holton Road, Barry.

Penarth Town Council


Rhiannon Mary Birch Welsh Labour

Ian Richard Buckley Welsh Labour

Ken Lloyd Conservative

Laura Rochefort Welsh Labour


Ben Gray Conservative

Kathryn Frances McCaffer Conservative

Angela May Thomas Welsh Labour

Martin James Turner Conservative

St Augustines

Gary John Allman Welsh Conservative

Mike Cuddy Welsh Labour

Liz Fahy Welsh Labour

Nigel John Mark Humphrey Welsh Labour

Yvonne Clare Murphy Welsh Labour


Ellie Evans Welsh Labour

Jon Kenneth Luxton Welsh Labour

Mark Robert Wilson Welsh Labour

Dinas Powys Community Council

Cross Common

Anne Asbrey Plaid Cymru

Mike Pratt Conservative

Steve Thomas Plaid Cymru

Rob Williams Conservative


John Barker Conservative

Valerie Hartrey Plaid Cymru

Keith Hatton Plaid Cymru

Edward James Jenkins Conservative


John Fanshaw Plaid Cymru

Chris Franks Plaid Cymru

Richard Grigg Plaid Cymru

Sara Kear-Smith Plaid Cymru


Robert Crowley Conservative

Vince Driscoll Conservative

Steve Griffiths Conservative

Andy Robertson Conservative

Sully and Lavernock Community Council

Ian Bonner Barlow Independent

Ken Jones

Lino Scaglioni Independent

David Sylvester Independent

Chris Tatt Independent

Rod Thomas Independent

Chris Thorne Standing for the People