A WOMAN who previously scaled eight Welsh mountains in her wedding dress has now completed a half marathon dressed in the attire from her big day.

Janine Osborne-Bowring, 34, from Dinas Powys, ran the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday (October 1) in her wedding dress alongside her husband Matt.

Mr and Mrs Osborne-Bowring completed the run in three hours and 15 minutes.

In August, the couple scaled eight Welsh peaks in their wedding clothes in aid of Vasculitis UK, a charity doing research into the condition which Mrs Osborne-Bowring suffers from.

She was diagnosed with Vasculitis, a condition affecting blood vessels, in October 2015 after she had started feeling unwell eight weeks previously.

To raise money for the charity, and awareness of the condition, they climbed the mountains - including peaks in Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains - in eight days following their wedding.

They decided to take on the half marathon to raise money for diabetes charity JDRF and Bertha’s Army which is raising funds for a Cystic Fibrosis centre at Llandough Hospital.

Mrs Osborne-Bowring, who works at JinFit gym in Cogan said: “JDRF is a charity that is helping my beautiful friend and her superhero daughter come to terms with her new life after being diagnosed with juvenile type 1 diabetes.

“Cerys was only six when diagnosed with diabetes and her little world was turned upside down in a day. Cerys was one of my reasons to fight when I was first diagnosed as we were diagnosed the same time.”

Speaking about the run itself, she said: “My knee gave in on mile one so we had to walk from mile seven. I was gutted.”

But in the end they both managed to cross the finish line together.

“I knew I couldn’t stop as all I could think of were the kids I was doing this for and how this was important to me.

“I was gutted, but me and Mr B continued the race and we made it to mile six but my leg screamed at me ‘no more’.

“Two amazing people stepped in and gave me some paracetamol and some gel but unfortunately it didn’t touch it so we walked the rest.

“At mile 12 I had had enough and said ‘let’s do this’ and we started to run again however this was the biggest mistake of all as it made my knee worse and with tears in my eyes I thought we weren’t going to make it to the finish line.

“Mr B stepped up his game and picked me up and we came across the finish line with me on his back.”

Those wishing to donate can visit the charity pages of www.jinfit.co.uk.