AN ARMED forces veteran's project in Sully has secured support from a local company.

Woody’s Lodge, based at HMS Cambria, have announced a partnership with major Removals company Mason’s Moving Group Ltd which has family links to the armed forces.

The father of managing director Gordon Mason, Eric, served as a pilot in RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War and this was part of the inspiration for the move.

The launch event for Woody's Lodge in January was attended by representatives from Welsh Government, the military as well as health and social welfare agencies.

Veterans and families got to speak of their experiences and how their lives have improved since coming to Woody's Lodge.

Sian Woodland from Woody's Lodge said: "This is a a significant step in the development of such a new charity.

"Woody’s Lodge will benefit in this partnership, going forward not only in the sponsorship of Woody’s new information leaflet but Woody’s distinctive brand will be part of the livery found on the side of its fleet of vehicles travelling throughout Wales, the UK and further afield."

Gordon Mason, managing director at Mason’s Moving Group, said: "As a Barry based and family run business we feel a great sense of pride in supporting Woody’s and the amazing work they carry out on a day by day basis in supporting veterans in terms of health and social welfare.

"We do this in part by commemorating the memory of our father Eric who served as a pilot in RAF Bomber Command throughout the Second World War.

Woody’s Lodge, now a registered charity, is funded by The Armed Forces Covenant, with partners Age Cymru and Age Alliance Wales in support of the senior veteran.

However, the charity is also progressing its work in support of younger veterans and those who serve within the emergency services and will soon hold meetings with local authorities in north Wales to plan the opening a second Woody’s Lodge in the Caernarfon area.

Based on Hayes Lane, Woody’s Lodge is open between 10am and 3pm from Mondays to Thursdays.

Those who wish to visit should call 01446 730777.