A FORMER social worker for the Vale of Glamorgan Council has been suspended for one year, after a hearing discovered his repeated failings put children at risk.

The hearing heard that Michael Sira-Parfitt failed to complete assessments or make essential referrals, as well as failing to pay visits to families which put children at a risk of harm.

Social Care Wales were satisfied that the evidence against Mr Sira-Parfitt was sufficient to prove wrongdoing in all 11 of the charges against him, which included four separate incidences in which children were placed in harm's way as a result of his conduct or inaction.

The allegations surrounded Mr Sira-Parfitt’s employment by the Children’s Services Department at the Vale of Glamorgan Council between November 2014 and May 2016.

The committee heard from a number of witnesses, including Mr Sira-Parfitt, who was present at the four-day hearing at Social Care Wales’ Cardiff office last week.

Having heard all the evidence, the committee concluded that Mr Sira-Parfitt’s fitness to practise was impaired because of his misconduct and that he failed to meet a number of standards in the Code of Professional Practice for Social Care.

The committee said: “We determined that Mr Sira-Parfitt repeatedly failed to carry out basic tasks over a long period in a significant number of cases. He clearly had the skills and experience to perform the work to a good standard as the witnesses acknowledged.

“(His omissions) formed a prolonged pattern of behaviour and Mr Sira-Parfitt made it very clear during the fact finding stage of these proceedings that he accepts little or no responsibility for any failings.”

The committee chose to impose a one-year suspension order, starting from October 24. 2017, saying: “We decided that suspension for one year will serve to mark that Mr Sira-Parfitt’s omissions were unacceptable and will afford him the opportunity to reflect on his future practice.”

A Vale of Glamorgan Council spokesman said: “All matters of a disciplinary nature are confidential so the council cannot comment on the specifics of a particular case.”