COUNCILLORS have blasted the local authority for failing to enforce parking rules near a row of village shops.

Plaid community councillors in Dinas Powys have criticised the Vale council for only issuing one parking ticket in Castle Drive since April.

A report presented to the environment and regeneration scrutiny committee recently said that 4000 tickets were issued in the Vale since April with only 13 in Dinas Powys despite complaints from residents.

Cllr Chris Franks said that it was “outrageous” that the council was failing to ensure that the parking rules are enforced.

He said: “There are so many complaints from residents about the traffic issues at this location.

“The county council is ignoring the fact that the shopping area has become very busy. The situation is unacceptable.”

But Cllr Geoff Cox, cabinet member for neighbourhood services and transport, said the enforcement of parking restrictions in the Vale is proportionate to the problems faced.

“Since January 1 there have been 507 patrols in the Dinas Powys area, with enforcement officers spending a total of 25 days and 20 hours there with 28 parking charge notices issued,” he said.

“This equates to an average of more than 1.5 patrols per day.

“This would appear to represent a reasonable proportion of officer time for this area, however, the council is happy to discuss and assist further with specific areas that may cause concern to the community councillors.

“The amendments to parking restrictions near the Valley View shops were only implemented in late September and it is inappropriate to suggest that the council is ignoring the parking issues.”