A LARGE tree which fell into the river after last week’s high winds causing a fence to snap, which “sounded like a gunshot”, according to a local councillor.

Conservative councillor Vince Driscoll, who represents Dinas Powys on the Vale council, said that Natural Resources Wales deserved credit for preventing potential flooding in the Cadoxton River by removing the huge tree which fell last Wednesday from the bank beneath Wellwood Drive because of high winds brought by Storm Eleanor.

It is understood that the tree rested on the railings next to the river for a while but high winds in the early hours of the morning meant the tree fell causing the metal fence to snap.

Officers from Natural Resources Wales were on the scene last Thursday morning to remove the tree from the river.

“For a while the tree rested on the metal fence that borders the public footpath next to the Cadoxton River,” said Cllr Driscoll.

“But in the winds about 3am last Wednesday night, the weight of the tree forced the fence to snap.

“People from as far as Barry thought it was a gunshot, it was so loud.

“The tree then ended up blocking over half the brook that was rising fast with all the muddy water building up from upstream.

“Natural Resources Wales came and cut the huge tree into logs and pulled it out of the river on the Barry Road side.

“Officials are often criticised for their work but in this case they deserve thanks for a job well done.

“If it had been left there it could have created a dam and flooding like we’ve had in the past. The Cadoxton River certainly didn’t resemble Tennyson’s babbling brook as it does in summer.

“It was like a huge muddy sludge going at a considerable pace.

Cllr Driscoll said he is now looking into whose responsibility it will be to replace the more than 10 metres of railing the tree dragged down.

“The land doesn’t belong to the Vale council but the first part of the public footpath and fence may have been put there by the council years ago,” he said.

NRW says the responsibility to replace the fence lies with the owner of the land.

But Plaid Cymru community councillors are saying that the fence could now pose another flood risk.

Cllr Richard Grigg said the rails are now an even greater flood hazard if they fall into the river.