VICTORIA Primary School is located on Cornerswell Road, just a 10 minute walk from Penarth town centre.

The building was built in 1898 and consists of three main buildings.

The first houses the head teacher’s office, the administration office, 12 classrooms for year two to year six and the assembly and PE hall on the upper floor.

Another houses all reception and year one pupils and the basement of this building is the school canteen.

The nursery unit is in another separate building purpose built in 1998.

A nursery annex has been created in the ground floor of the caretaker house since 2010 and the school garden connects the two nursery buildings.

They have a school yard which is continually being developed and a field which is a two minute walk away.

Victoria Primary is a feeder school for Stanwell School in Penarth.

Headteacher Samantha Daniels arrived at the school about two years ago.

She said; "We changed our vision to help our children to develop in happy responsible citizens.

"We have high standards."

The pupil voice is one of the biggest strengths of the school, said Ms Daniels.

The aim is to make the pupils articulate and creative and develop future leaders.

"In whatever capacity they work, we want to give them all the skills to help them to thrive whatever path they take.

"It is important they realise they have a lot to give."

In terms of charity work, Ms Daniels said that parents are so supportive to the school.

For Children in Need last year, they managed to raise £1700 and the children organised the whole event.

They had to produce a plan as to who was doing and what and took on responsibility for everything.

The school also helps the pupils be reflective think about big issues through its whole scheme themes.

It also encourages family learning initiatives between brothers and sisters with parents able to come in and celebrate their work.

Speaking pupil organised events, Ms Daniels said it is important that pupils recognise where there are areas they can improve.

"We always reiterate that mistakes are the way forward.

"You only fail when you stop."

In terms of the behaviour of pupils, they are taught to respect everyone they come into contact with.

"Everyone who comes to our school says our children are so respectful, confident and articulate," said Ms Daniels.

"We try to give them these characteristics by having high expectations.

"We tell them that they can only let themselves down and their behaviour in assembly is impeccable."

The school is also proud of its sporting achievements with all teachers and some learning support assistants running clubs including tennis, rugby and cricket.

There is also an after school drama club where the children do everything from the props to the costumes.

The end result is performances such as the recent Christmas production at Stanwell School.

Speaking about the staff, Ms Daniels said: "The teachers are phenomenal.

"It is the best team I have ever worked with. They are very dedicated and very talented.

She also said: "We couldn't ask for better parents.

"The PTA is phenomenal and raised £4000 for the school from the Christmas fair.

"They raise money and put on community events such as bingo nights and quiz nights."

She said that the parents work in a number of fields and can help with such things as risk assessment for events the school are putting on.

The governors are also very active and help monitor improvement and plan for the future.

A major advantage the school has is that the governing body has members from the teaching profession as well as solicitors and councillors who can offer their expertise.

Ms Daniels said: "People speak highly of our school. Stanwell look after us very well. They have transition events for pupils and we can make use of their facilities.

"There are lots of opportunities for children to go there.

"We also work with other schools in the cluster a huge amount.

"Penarth has a strong cluster of schools. The other headteachers are so supportive.

"When I arrived they said if I needed something they were just a phone call away.

"We are very lucky to be part of this cluster."

The school is part of various IT projects with other schools in the area.

Speaking about her own personal experience of working at the school, Ms Daniels said: "There is never a day when I don't want to come into work.

"The children are absolutely wonderful and it is a joy to work here.

"We have parents who are supportive and dedicated staff.

"We are always looking for the best. We reflect on everything we change and are open to changes."


School Motto: Together we aim for the stars

Chairman of governors: Chris O'Callaghan

Headteacher: Samantha Daniels

Number of pupils: 568

Age of pupils: three to 11 years

Last Estyn report: June 2015 - Good