RESIDENTS of Penarth are being urged to share their views on the future of trees in town.

Penarth Civic Society’s Tree Forum is hoping to maintain and enhance the street tree canopy of Penarth.

Fiona Jones from the group recently presented their ideas to the town council and expressed the society’s eagerness to work with both the Vale council and Penarth Town Council on the matter.

The Vale council is currently working on a tree management strategy.

The tree forum of the society was set up after a meeting three years ago identified trees as people’s number one concern in the town.

The society recently heard from Russell Horsey, who worked with Bristol City Council to combine funds to enable them to manage the street tree canopy more effectively.

Ann Evans from the society said: “Studies have shown that people spend more money in shops if there is a tree canopy and that people drive more slowly down tree lined streets,”

“It is not just about the number of trees but the street canopy.”

“We are not saying we never want trees taken down. There are trees that do need to be taken down.”

The society has put together a tree map of Penarth to help identify areas where the tree canopy may be enhanced.

Fiona Jones said: “If residents want trees, they can come forward and make representations to the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council as a community interest.

“If there is interest in having trees then the civic society can support this.

“We want to work with the Vale council.”

The responsibility to plant trees in public places lies with the local authority and if there was the public will for this then the society has expertise and access to funds which can help.

The society has formed a tree map of Penarth which will help identify areas where the tree canopy can potentially be enhanced.

Residents in Dinas Road and Arcot Street have said they’d like to see more street trees.

Ms Jones highlighted the success of planting at the Arcot Street Triangle which shows what can be done when a community comes together to look after their trees.

The society is holding a public meeting on February 15 at 7pm at the All Saints Lesser Hall.