PENARTH Council is to consider the possibility of establishing an “old folk’s holiday hotel” following an approach by an owner prepared to sell them a private hotel in the town.

The council has received the offer of the Penlee Hotel, Windsor Terrace, which has for some years been run by its owner, Miss S.M.M. Jones as a private hotel, catering for up to 20-30 residents.

Miss Jones suggested in a letter to the council that in view of its situation and facilities, the property would be ideal for adaptation into an “aged persons” home.”

The clerk, Mr Percy Metcalf drew attention to a council in Northfleet, Kent, which had bought a hotel on the coast, specifically to provide holiday accommodation for elderly people.

They charged four guineas a week for old folk from the town, and 12 guineas for those outside. The cost to the council of running the hotel was £2095 a year, which was the equivalent of a 1/2d rate.

Miss Jones said that if her first suggestion was impracticable, then the council might consider the acquisition on the property for conversion into flats.

It was decided to refer the matter to the general purposes committee for further consideration

WITH an outside temperature below freezing, a good attendance of Penarth Holiday Week Committee turned their attention towards the more summery projects of regattas and water-skiing.

Events which had proved a success during previous years were scheduled to be repeated and expanded.

Additional interest in the event will be given because of the impending exchange of schoolchildren between Penarth twin town of St. Pol de Leon.

The first party of children is due on July 15.

At a previous meeting the decision was confirmed to appoint the chairman of the council as the current chairman of the Penarth Holiday Week Committee; however, Cllr Harold Green, as the next chairman of the council, dissented and thought that there should be continuity in this office of the Penarth Holiday Week and he proposed that Cllr G. W. Barratt should remain in office.

Mr Dick Rosoman, of Penarth Yacht Club, said there was also suggestions that St. Pol Yacht Club should send a team to compete in the regattas and also teams were to be invited for the water ski events.

It was proposed that Glamorgan Golf Club be asked to organise an Open Golf Tournament during the week.