CONCERNS have been raised about anti-social behaviour by off-road bikers on a sports field.

Residents in Sully say they are worried about a recent trend in scrambler bikes riding close to school children and cutting up sports pitches behind Sully Primary School on Burnham Avenue over the past few month.

Police have warned that they are concerned a child could be “hurt or worse”.

The issue was raised on the Sully Village Hub Facebook group after reports just before Christmas of scrambler bike riders cutting up the sports pitches near Sully Primary School off Burnham Avenue.

One mum described how she was “petrified” when a group of off-road bikers hurtled towards her young son.

Sully resident Lisa Desmond was walking her young son down to the beach when she heard engines and a group of bikers sped towards him before riding off.

Ms Desmond said: “It was them (the bikers) coming off the lane at the back of Minehead Avenue onto the coastal path.

“I thought if I ran up to the bund I would stop them ruining the field, surely they wouldn’t do it if someone were watching.

“I had told my son to follow me up from the water as I ran up towards the field.”

Four or five bikes had remained on the path but one had broken off and gone down onto the beach.

“He was hurtling towards my son,” said Ms Desmond

“I screamed at Joseph and the bike to stop. I was petrified.

“The bike stopped about five feet away from him. Joseph screamed crying frozen to the spot.”

Ms Desmond screamed at the bike rider who then turned and went up over the bund before the group sped off across the field.

Ms Desmond said she was left with an inconsolable child.

“I was absolutely raging.” she said.

Hannah Bevan Mohaffe, member of the Sully Village Hub group and Sully resident, said:”These scramblers ride very close to young children during school collection time and frightened parents and children.

“They damaged the field a few weeks beforehand.

“It’s the field directly behind the school and is used every weekend for football matches for the younger Sully teams.”

Police Inspector Barclay of the Penarth area said: “We have received a handful of these reports from the public in the last year and we would like to encourage people who witness these riders to contact us on 101 with as much information and descriptions as possible so we can try to identify them.

“We would like to remind the public that the use of off-road bikes on public roads is not only against the Road Traffic Regulations but is also extremely dangerous.

“If the community tell us who is using bikes in an anti-social and illegal manner then we will take action.

“We would also like to remind parents of their responsibilities in relation to their children using off-road bikes. The last thing we want is to be called to the scene of a road traffic collision where a child has been hurt or worse.”