PARKS superintendent, Mr Hilary Roberts said last week that he was “shocked” at the amount of household rubbish he had found on the waste land between Paget Road and the docks.

Mr Roberts told members of the Parks Committee that he had visited the site with Senior Public Health Inspector, Mr D.P Howell, following complaints of an infestation of rats in the undergrowth.

He explained that before the Council’s rodent operator could deal with the problem, all the undergrowth and bushes would have to be cleared away at a cost of about £160.

“But,” he said, “this will not prevent people from dumping rubbish there again after it had been cleared up, and warning signs ought to be erected pointing out that it is an offence.”

The Committee agreed that the Parks Superintendent be authorised to put the work in hand immediately, and that new warning signs be clearly displayed.

Cllr. Harold Toye said that it was “high time” that the area should be landscaped and laid out.

RAIN fell in Penarth on 19 days during January, giving a total of 2.79 inches for the month.

Maximum temperature was 54 degrees F. (12 degrees C.) and minimum was 22 degrees F (-3 degrees C.).

THE railway cutting at the rear of Hickman Road from Victoria Bridge to the Stanwell Road Bridge could be “slabbed over” at a cost of about £75,000 to provide a car park for 300 vehicles, members of the Public Works Committee were told last week.

Surveyor, Mr J. B. Parsons emphasised that this figure covered construction costs only, and did not allow for any ground rent charges which may be made by British Railways.

It was agreed to write “an exploratory letter” to British Railways, asking them for their reactions if the Council were to consider this project some time in the future.

THE new “shilling for three hours” charge for the deckchairs at Penarth Pier and Esplanade, will not affect old age pensioners, a Penarth Councillor was told last week.

Cllr. Harold Toye was assured that the charge for pensioners will remain at 3d.

THE controversial plan to pull down a house in Clinton Road and build luxury flats in its place, received the approval of Penarth’s Planning Committee by six votes to five on Monday.

The application was amended for the second time, reducing the number of flats from 12 to 10, in five blocks to two, and the Council’s surveyor recommended to members that they should approve it.