A DIGGER which crushed a fence after overturning at the Northcliffe development in Penarth has spilled diesel across the site.

The Hitachi excavator, believed to be at least several tonnes in weight, collapsed yesterday afternoon (March 12) while scaling a mound of earth on the development site.

The driver of the vehicle is understood to be unharmed following the incident, which is understood to have been caused by the earth underneath the vehicle giving way due to its weight.

Developers Celtic Developments are currently in the early stages of constructing a new apartment block on the site, which will eventually house 30 new flats. The application was approved by the Vale of Glamorgan Council last September, despite an earlier submission being unanimously rejected by councillors.

It is understood that current work is revolved around building an access road to the new site, which has rendered the car park used by residents of the existing flats unavailable for around 16 weeks.

A spokesman for Celtic Developments confirmed the incident, however they said the matter was not serious.

"There was a vehicle that had slipped and toppled and there was a small spillage.

"The spillage was contained and is being appropriately mitigated and removed.

"The Health and Safety Executive have visited the site and the matter is in hand and is being addressed."