CLAIMS that delivery lorries are arriving outside of permitted hours at a housing development in Dinas Powys have prompted concern from residents and local councillors.

The somewhat controversial development, which is being carried out by the United Welsh Housing Association, will eventually see 70 new homes constructed on a site near Caerleon Road.

Plaid Cymru’s Dinas Powys community councillor Chris Franks said that residents have approached him with claims that large vehicles were travelling though the residential area before 9am, outside of the times agreed for deliveries to be made during term-time.

Residents and councillors expressed dismay after the planning application for the new homes was approved in January 2016.

Concerns were raised that the additional homes would worsen the already problematic traffic issues in Dinas Powys, and councillors opposed to the plans also highlighted a potential flood risk in the area.

The community council objected to the plans during the application process, however it was approved by the Vale council planning committee.

Cllr Franks said: “The planning department was informed of the problem and say that they will write to the agents for the developer.”

In a statement given by the Vale of Glamorgan Council to Cllr Franks, they confirmed that early deliveries to the site were not permitted.

It reads “details have been submitted to us for condition discharge relating to the construction environmental and traffic management plan.

“The revised plan, dated February 2018, awaits formal sign-off but has been considered by our highways department and is likely to be considered acceptable.

“This plan states the delivery times during school term time as being between 9am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday. If a digger was delivered between 8am and 8.30am on a school day, this would be outside of the proposed hours.”

The council said that while a single breach of regulations was unlikely to be punished, they would ensure that the developers were made aware of and warned with regards to any such concerns.

The statement continued: “It would not be considered reasonable for the council to take formal enforcement action on the basis of one, or even a few, isolated incident(s).

“However, I have written to the developers, via their agent, to urge them to ensure all deliveries (and all other relevant elements) comply with the terms of the revised construction environmental and traffic management plan.

Cllr Franks and fellow Plaid Cymru councillor Richard Grigg added that they hoped the Vale council would continue to monitor the situation, and ensure that safe working arrangements were in place on the site.

United Welsh Housing have not yet responded to our request for comment.