A 97-YEAR-OLD Second World War veteran has sprung a surprise on patrons of Foxy’s Deli, by playing the piano for his unsuspecting audience.

Former Desert Rat Alf Jackson was returning from a hospital appointment in Llandough Hospital when he spotted the piano, half hidden behind a notice board in the shop.

Having learned to play as a youngster, Mr Jackson had entertained his comrades while serving in North Africa. After returning from the war, he owned one of the first electric organs in the 1950s, and with a drummer, played for weddings and at works clubs every weekend for more than fifteen years.

Mr Jackson plays his Baldwin theatre organ or his electronic keyboard for almost an hour every day.

“It seems to be keeping my brain alive,” he said.

Foxy’s Deli owner Sian Fox said: “I couldn’t resist asking him if he’d like to come and play for longer.”

Since that first meeting, Mr Jackson has been back twice to the café, much to the delight of customers, and has played a set of musical standards from the thirties, forties and fifties.

And younger members of staff have also been appreciating the entertainment Mr Jackson has provided.

“It’s brilliant,” one said.

“I’ve put him on my Instagram and it’s already been viewed thirty times.”